Vegetarian Kaiseki in Tokyo

vegetarian kaiseki tokyo japan ginza nagamine

Konnichiwa from Japan! Or, more accurately, konnichiwa from Southern California, which presently feels a lot like Japan, as I'm elbow-deep in 1500+ pictures from recent travels. Judging from said 1500 photos, Mr. M & I ravaged the food stalls of Japan like a half-starved Godzilla tag team. One of the varieties of Japanese cuisine that we sampled was kaiseki... which is just as … [Read more...]

Moroccan Mint Tea

moroccan mint tea

If my recent face-stuffing trawl through Austin taught me anything, it was that food and travel go hand-in-hand. Despite the havoc it wreaks on my waistline, eating my way through a new place is one of my favorite means of exploration. To eat the local foods is to peel back layers of culture and tradition and history. And it's just plain yummy. Let's not forget the yummy. After … [Read more...]

Window Into… Motion

Tell me she's not the sweetest. Actually, don't. I'd have to hunt you down and beat you up.

Springtime is typically a season buzzing with life, and my own little busy-bee life has been buzzing up a storm. (This is the flowery way I breeze over Sucking At Blogging for the past two weeks. Are we sold?) Seeing as how I totally peaced out on y'alls for a couple weeks, it seems I owe you a whirlwind explanation. 1 (Because I adore nothing if not a list). I traveled to Austin, Texas … [Read more...]

An Odyssey of Japanese Oddities

japan capsule hotel

Planning my upcoming trip to Japan has required much more research than I usually do. I'm excited to get swept away by the dazzlingly unfamiliar, but I don't want to get so swept away that I inadvertently miss experiencing things that can only Japan has on tap. It started when I out-of-the-blue remembered the existence of Tokyo's famous Cat Cafes (see below)- how could I almost have … [Read more...]

Window Into… Renewal & Rebirth

wall art home decor

When an unexpected second wind of Must-Decorate-The-House hit me last weekend, I realized Spring had officially taken hold. The desire to clean and nest and renew were all but inescapable. And by "desire to clean" I mean "desire to make a chalkboard wall in the dining room." Obvs. Which leads us to this week's Window Into theme of renewal & rebirth! Like the chalkboard wall... … [Read more...]

On the Horizon: Japan, Cambodia, & Singapore

temple japan

Like the librarian-type who shakes out her bun in slo-mo (she's been hot all along?!), my blog's "Where I'm Headed" sidebar suddenly got a lot more interesting. Mr. M & I are headed on an Asian adventure next month! (Clearly, I can't tease out a sexy librarian slo-mo reveal. I'm weak.) Japan has been waiting patiently at the top of the Places I'd Like to See list for a very long … [Read more...]

Exploring the Ruins at Xunantunich

xunantunich belize frieze mayan ruin

Day #11,663, Part Dos (Belize): Although we'd already crossed 'jungle canoeing' off the ol' anniversary list, Mr. M & I were not content to call it a one-adventure sort of day. Having seen the great Mayan ruins of Tikal the day before, we wanted to visit a Mayan ruin on the Belizean side, too. Xunantunich (pronounced shoo-nan-too-nitch... or "tuna sandwich" by tongue-twisted … [Read more...]

Window Into… Happy

window into happy

So I should probably apologize for doing 'Window Into' Wednesdays on a Thursday. Because it's dead to us without the alliteration. But I shan't. Because yesterday was my mother-lovin' birthday, and I was off enjoying bougie afternoon tea with Tutu & Sister S and reading good books (one of which was a Japanese guidebook, hint hint) and walking on the beach and imagining what … [Read more...]

Not-Your-Average Anniversary in San Ignacio, Belize

belize macal river canoe

Mr. M & I are not your typical romantics. For Christmas, I got a taxidermied squirrel dressed for a battle at high noon. I fell in love- with both husband and gun-toting squirrel. Day #11,663, Part Uno (Belize): I don't know how Normal People celebrate 6th wedding anniversaries, but Mr. M & I woke up at dawn to the sound of howler monkeys roaring in the Belizean jungle. P.S. … [Read more...]

A Mayan Tangent to Tikal, Guatemala

tikal guatemala gran plaza

Day #11,662(Guatemala): Step One: Beware the Bandidos I didn't, and I blame the corn chips. Immediately after reading the phrase "beware violent bandidos" in our Guatemala guidebook, any thoughts of concern were immediately replaced by that catchy jingle from the 1960's commercial (when advertising went out of its way to be politically incorrect): Ay ay ay ay! I am the Fritos Bandido! I like … [Read more...]